Lantz Wheeler’s In-Season Development Program

Enroll In My 3 Month In-Season Core Velocity Development Program And Attend One of My Sold-Out 3-Day Core Velocity Programs for FREE!

Here’s how it all works if you’re one of the first 30 to pull the trigger for your son.

You’ll get:

  • 90 Days of Customized Training With a Plan Designed for You, and Only You.
  • Your very own Certified Private Instructor
  • 2 Video Reviews and Analysis
  • Your very Own Player page
  • Have your velocity and delivery scanned for leaks silently killing your chances.

In fact, I guarantee you this will be the most productive, effective season you’ve ever had or I’ll give you every penny you invest back.

Speaking at the American Baseball Coach’s Association

Obviously the space will be limited and due to the over-whelming demand, this isn’t going to be cheap and it’s not for everyone. There’s a reason coaches from every level of the game fly in from over 5 continents to visit with us and get a first-hand look at how we’re getting the results we’re getting.

I say that only to say this…

I want, and will accept only pitchers who want nothing more, and will do whatever it takes, to reach their God-Given potential, or higher. So, if your son is a slacker or doesn’t want it as bad as he says he does, this isn’t for you. You’d be wasting your money and my team of specialized professionals would be wasting their time. Nobody wins in that situation.

But, if you’ve got a son that’s dead serious about accomplishing his goals and reaching his dreams, you need to read what I have for you… Because it could quite possibly change his career in only a matter of months.

Over the next three months, I promise to spill my guts and share with you the program that’s taken the pitching world by storm.  The same one that has MLB and college teams blowing my phone up to tell them more.

They’re the same ones that stop by and visit the 3-Day Core Velocity Program, sometimes un announced.  The reason they seek the information is because they’ve seen first-hand the results its gotten.

In fact you’re going to experience the whole enchilada, you’re going to experience your very own customized Core Velocity Program.  The Core Velocity Program is used every single day by over by over 160+ NCAA D1 programs, 20+ MLB professional teams.  

Let’s get straight to it.  Here’s what you want to know.  

  • As soon as you enroll your son, you’re going to get a questionnaire sent to you.
  • Now, its very important you fill this form out completely because it has “EVERYTHING” to do with your personalized program, I’ll tell you more about the Kinetic DNA testing in a bit.
  • Next…

You’re going to get to meet and speak with your very own private BaseballThinkTank Certified Instructor. ( Brian Murtha, Dave Clay, or Todd Alford)


These guys are the ones behind the scenes helping me research and develop most of what you’ve read or experienced inside The Core Velocity Belt Program. Without a doubt, they’re some of the top pitching minds in the country and I’d trust them any day with my little man Rex. Once you’ve scheduled your call, you’re going to see why I rely on these guys so heavily.



Let me walk you through the entire process step by step…

Step #1:  Your velocity and mechanics will be evaluated and tested for costly velocity leaks holding you back.


Step #2:  Next, You will download The Core Velocity App because this is where you’ll find your daily training programs, videos and direct access to your Certified Private Instructor.

Step #3:  You will learn exactly where you’re leaking velocity and why… Your Certified Coach will walk you through the entire process inside a detailed summary and evaluation.  (Here’s what it will look like on your phone.

Step #4:  Each Day you will find your daily training program waiting for you.   You will be evaluated for new leaks every 2 weeks with a new program coming your way after each testing session.

Step #5:  All you have to do is click one of the images and follow the instructions on the video. 

Almost forgot… You’ll also get two video analysis and reviews which will be featured on your Player Page.

So, here’s what you get….

  • A clear cut, no guesswork plan laid out rep by rep for you showing you exactly what you need to do to get everything you can from what you’ve already got..
  • You will find the no guess work plan inside a daily email with your individual plan for that day, and every other day.
  • Plus… You will receive a daily message from your BTT Cert instructor for motivation, advice or to answer any question you’re not sure about.

But, we expect the same from you….

You will be responsible for checking in and the Instructor has the option to terminate you for at anytime. (Our reputation and your money is at stake, it’s serious business.) .

Imagine any time you had a question about your son, while you were holding a customized program showing you what to do every single day for the next 3 months….. What would it be?

Seriously, it’s all laid out for you.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know which of you will enjoy it more… Your son the pitcher, who’s finally gotten what he’s spent years searching for, or you, the Dad. Knowing you’ve went above and beyond to seek out the best pitching instruction on the planet, and not only that… You’ve got someone to walk you through the entire program, step by step.

And if you have question pop up… You’re just a text away from getting it answered and going to bed because finally, you’ll get some sleep.

Trust me I’ve got four kids, I know how hard it is to turn off something that you know is holding your son back, but there’s times you can’t put your finger on it. You need help. But, too often you end up in the wrong place.

Those days are over, ain’t ya glad.

Anyways, there’s still more I want to tell you about.

Here’s what will be included in your son’s 3 month Personalized Program

  1. Kickstart the program with the Kinetic DNA evaluation: We will kick start the program by getting to know you inside and out. I’ve found that the #1 obstacle in player development isn’t information, it’s communication. And that’s the part where we excel and it’s also why parents are telling me they saw night and day differences in the middle of the afternoon after experiencing our unique teaching method, of FEEL.

Listen to what some of the past camp attendees had to say… (The one you get for free if your son’s responsible enough to check in 75% of the time.).

2.  Get your mechanics analyzed twice with the review and analysis posted on your player page to measure results.

3.  Have your velocity screened for leaks that silently killing your chances and hurting more than just your arm in the process.  (99% chance your 100% surprised by where you’re leaking velocity, no way you’d ever guess it.)    .

4.  Have your very own customized plan, re-designed every two weeks based on your results, for the next 3 months… In other words, all you have to do is: Check your email on your phone

5.  See where you rank (Oh, I forgot to tell you about this.)

5.  Finally, If You Check In On 75% of your Workouts… You’ll Attend One Of My Sold Out 3-Day Core Velocity Programs for FREE!  

That’s where we will put the icing on the cake.

We’ll lock the doors, put away all video-taping material and apply the finishing touches.

Because in the 3-Day Core Velocity Program you’re going to get:

12-14 hours of cutting edge instruction, that’s only available at our Nashville facility because we can’t risk this being on tape.  Here’s why:

  1. I’ll show you how to use a glow stick to determine your God-Given natural arm slot.
  2. How to use a rubber band to develop a swing and miss curve ball or slider to keep hitters off-balance and embarrassed!  (My MLB pitchers swear they’re cheating when they do this!)
  3. How to structure your bull-pens to increase your command and the best part is- how to self evaluate and go to the bullpen every single time on a mission with a 100% individual plan!  
  4. The 3 step checklist, used by the top college pitching coaches, that instantly teaches your son how to take control of the mental game and cage his emotions and become a mental warrior!  
  5. How to instantly improve your breaking ball after learning the real secret, the secret nobody else knows and will probably ever know!  (Hint:  Think of your breaking ball as an arranged marriage!)

But, here’s the parts the parents usually enjoy the most…

  1. How to become the only pitching coach he will ever need…(This is the same self-teaching method used by over 50 NCAA Division 1 college baseball programs!)
  2. Learn why the legs get way too much credit, in fact the legs only have one primary
    responsibility, and its very similar to a Fed Ex driver’s responsibility!
  3. I’m even going to share with you why I encourage my pitchers to collapse their back leg, and you will see for yourself, why it increases velocity!
  4. Discover why changing your son’s pitching mechanics is dangerous, and why video analysis is a complete waste of your time if you do it this way-
  5. How to gain velocity from the stretch, and be quicker to the plate, by making one very simple adjustment with your toes!
  6. How to analyze your own video and become your own pitching coach using a very simple formula!
  7. How to FEEL his pitching mechanics, literally!
  8. How to maximize his drill work and the secret method to doubling the effectiveness of his drill work to make sure it transfers to the mound, every time!

I almost forgot, here’s what else will be covered inside the 3 day pitching program…

I’ll Show You What I Learned From One Of America’s Best Pitching Coaches… How To Read Hitters Body, Not Swing, To Know Exactly What Pitch To Throw Next!

  1. How to disguise your change-up and make it look  identical to your fastball, and how to avoid the #1 mistake every pitcher makes with their off-speed pitches!  (This is the “Ah-ha” moment for most pitchers!)
  2. Your son will discover the 3 point, Auto-Pilot system to make changes during the game, to throw more strikes, sharper breaking balls and never once, even consider making changes to his pitching mechanics.
  3. How to move the baseball like a whiffle-ball, and why the grip is by far the least important, to moving the baseball.
  4. Why your thumb could be the reason your velocity is down, but it could also be the reason your ball moves, which is it?
  5. How to read hitters and know exactly what to throw, and when to throw it, simply by watching what the hitter does and he has no idea he’s even doing it! (This really works every time, because its physically impossible for hitters to make solid contact, unless they “connect these two things”!)
  6. How to transform your forearm into a shock absorbing, elbow saving cheat code that not only protects your arm but adds 2-3 mph to any and every breaking ball!

I can guarantee you that 99.9% of the other camps across the country this winter will not give you the time, attention and game-changing information you’re going to find here!

Meet the staff which may be working hands-on with your son…(All depends on the coaches recruiting schedule.  None of these coaches are guaranteed to be in attendance.) .

Here’s a list of coaches who have worked the camp hands-on over the past few years. 

  1. Butch Thompson – Head Coach – Auburn University
  2. James Ogden – Pitching Coach – Lipscomb University
  3. Scott Brown – Pitching Coach – Vanderbilt University
  4. Derek Johnson – Pitching Coach – Milwaukee Brewers

Opportunities like this don’t come around much, so you’re probably wondering what something like this costs, aren’t you?

You get 3 months of private coaching, where every single day of the summer season is laid out for you.  No more guess work.  No more wondering what you’re doing is making you a better pitcher, you’re going to know.

And Dad’s you know how it goes… This is your chance buddy to give him what you’ve been actively searching for.  Don’t waste time.  Jump on board with us and let’s meet up this summer here in Nashville.

But, before we jump the gun I want to make certain you know..

  1.  This program demands that your son, not You, grab ownership by the throat and finally, get past the made-up, make believe obstacles that have been holding him back!
  2. This program does not waste valuable on-site training time with conditioning drills, we’ve got WAY TOO MUCH PITCHING INFORMATION TO COVER, it’s a raw-uncut pitching program that will prepare your son to become his own coach and cover any and everything you could ever imagine, and a lot you couldn’t!
  3. Videos of this program are not available…I learned a long time ago that information is only power when you’re the only one with the information!  That’s why I protect the information contained inside this program at all costs!
  4. Because there is NO WAY for one program to work for every player on the planet, or even two for that matter, I will reveal the same formula I use to train and consult $1,000,000 MLB pitchers, and your son will leave with THE template in his hands, but it’s up to him to carry it out!  (If you don’t think your son is willing or responsible enough to follow this program after the event is complete, this program is NOT FOR HIM!)   

Let’s review what you’re getting:

  • You get 3 months of private instruction
  • 2 Video Reviews
  • A 90 day plan you can access every single day to know exactly what you need to do.
  • You get your delivery and mechanics scanned for dangerous velocity leaks.
  • You get your very own player page to measure progress.
  • You get direct access, anytime you want, with just the click of a button to get any question answered from your private coach.
  • You get clear cut easy to understand training videos direct to your smartphone.
  • Plus – You get 3 whole days with me at my one of my Sold-Out 3-Day Core Velocity Programs of your choice.

I’ve got room for only 30 Pitchers from Across The Country… If you Wait You’ll Miss Out… Trust me! 

You get 90 days of daily training plus 3 whole days inside The Core Velocity 3-Day Training Program which is typically $1899  by itself!  (But we’re making this easy, you’ve got the option of paying in 3 easy installments.

Plus,  I almost forgot to mention, only the first 5 that sign up will get…

The Core Velocity Belt Training Program ($349 Value) .

Plus…  The Core Velocity Arm Care & Activation System (Never been released)

Don’t wait and I hope to see you here this summer to put the icing on the cake!

Reserve Your Son’s Spot for this one of a kind program Today!

Trust what you FEEL!

P.S:  If you’d like to personally work with me for 3 months, and schedule a 3-day training session, where it’s just me and you… Reach out to me and let’s see what we can do.