My Pitching Mechanics Can’t Be Your Pitching Mechanics, Here’s Why……

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Warning:  This post contains great information along with a subtle hint of sarcasm, don’t take it personal.

Most of today’s pitching information and instruction available is intended to help pitchers, the issue at hand is the methodology and belief system is totally backwards.

It creates confusion, frustration and creates a negative development path for players, parents and coaches!

I refer to most of the information and instruction as a means of “building your house from the outside in.”  Outside/In is when pitchers mistake form for function and place a higher emphasis and value on form.

  • “If you get to this point with your arm, you will stay healthy”
  • “If your back leg gets to this position you will throw harder!”
  • “It worked for me, therefore it will work for you.”

Let’s face the truth, most pitchers’ development is at the mercy of the instructor’s view of “good mechanics”!

At what point in the instruction paradigm did function take a backseat to form?

Was it the onslaught of video analysis?

  • Video is a tremendous tool that we use everyday,  but more times than not it’s used to simply reinforce the instructors view of pleasing or ideal.
  • On the other hand, if a pitcher doesn’t see what you see, does it really matter?
  • Video is more productive for visual learners than kinesthetic learners.

Many Pitching Instructors want you to believe there is a “universal set of mechanics” that can be implemented by every individual, they call them “Good Mechanics”


If you like this so far you’re going to love what’s next….

The only absolute in pitching mechanics is this:

Your mechanics cannot, should not and will not be like anyone else’s.

I like the term “Individual mechanics”!

Here’s why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to have a “Universal Set of GOOD MECHANICS”!

We all have millions of “individual” variables in play simultaneously that prevent us from being able to do what others do!

1,00,000 Popular Constraints That Keep You And I From Having The Same Mechanics:

  1. Methods for learning
  2. Constraints in movement
  3. Genetic traits
  4. Physical constraints
  5. Mental constraints
  6. Unique goals and intent
  7. Time constraints
  8. Instruction/advice early in development
  9. Movement constraints
  10. -1,000,000:  Etc, etc, etc….

 Did you know:  Your pitching mechanics are actually multiple “software” programs written for movement by your central nervous system.

Your central nervous system (it’s your internal supercomputer) CNS works in conjunction with your PNS to gather sensory information:

The 3 Most Popular Ways Pitchers Gather Information To Develop Pitching Mechanics

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Feeling

“Scientific Fact”:  Even if we were the “Worlds Most Identical Twins” and shared the same central nervous system, our perception alone inside these 3 senses, would set in motion for a  totally unique set of pitching mechanics.   Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof

  • I see what I see
  • I hear what I hear
  • I feel what I feel

Are you really trying to convince me there’s such thing as “GOOD MECHANICS” that work for every pitcher?  UNIVERSAL GOOD MECHANICS actually exist?  Ok, Pinocchio, tell me this, why is your nose growing?

My brain craves straightforward, clear information.  What about yours?   The reason I ask,  the efficiency of your motor program depends on it.

  1.  The quality of your motor program (Pitching mechanics) depends on the information it receives early in the process.
  2. Any form of mis-communication will appear as inefficient movement, guaranteed! (Don’t worry, everyone knows what “stay back” means 😉

5 very simple reasons our mechanics are different:

  1. The instruction I received early in my development
  2. The way I interpreted instruction
  3. Because my central nervous system functions at a higher or lower capacity than yours!
  4. Because I see what I see, hear what I hear and feel what I feel.
  5. Because it’s ABSOLUTELY, IMPOSSIBLE for two people to have the same movement patterns.

Two More Important points:

  • Because my sofware is different than yours, my form will be different than yours.
  • Even if you could imitate me perfectly in side/side video, we would have varied results because MY PROGRAM for movement is  Totally DIFFERENT than your program!!!.

3 Really Important Reasons Why You Must Understand That Function Trumps Form!

  1. Just because we get to the same key positions in the delivery means nothing.  We function differently, therefore we will arrive at those points totally differently!
  2. Just because your delivery looks like mine on the outside, says nothing about how our  muscles, neurons, ligaments, tendons, ………activate, fire, stretch, bend, …………….. on the inside!
  3. My form is at the mercy of my CNS ability to function!

Take pride in being different, your delivery should be built around your strengths, NOT MINE!

The next time someone claims that they can teach “GOOD MECHANICS”, please beware and realize:

  1. Good mechanics are mechanics that are built around your strengths!
  2. Good mechanics aren’t universal, they’re YOUR-niversal!  Unique to you.
  3. Good mechanics don’t come pre-packaged or pre-determined!

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